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S No Test Code Test Name Sample Instruction Store At Schedule
1 HB-1 Absolute Eosinophil Count 2ml EDTA blood A Daily
2 HB-2 Absolute Lymphocyte Count 2ml EDTA blood A Daily
3 HB-3 Absolute Neutrophil Count 2ml EDTA blood A Daily
4 BC-1 ACE- Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2ml Serum R Daily
5 BC-2 Acetone 2ml Serum R Daily
6 BC-4 Acid Phosphatase (Prostate) 2 ml Serum R Daily
7 BC-3 Acid Phosphatase-Total 2 ml Serum R Daily
8 HO-8 ACTH 2 ml EDTA Plasma R Daily
9 BC-5 Adenosine Deaminase [ADA] 2ml CSF/Pleural fluid/Ascitic fluid/Serum R Daily
10 MB-4 AFB Sensitivity SIRE Any specimen in a sterile container. R 20 days
11 MB-5 AFB Sensitivity SIREP Any specimen in a sterile container. R 20 days
12 MB-3 AFB Stain ( Ziehl Nielson) Any specimen in a sterile container. R Daily
13 SE-3 AFP ( Alpha Feto Protein ) 2 ml Serum R Daily
14 SE-1 AFP (Alpha Feta Protein – Maternal Serum) 2 ml Serum R Daily
15 SE-2 AFP (Alpha Feta Protein – Tumour Marker) 2 ml Serum R Daily
16 BC-6 Albumin 2 ml of Serum R Daily
17 BC-8 Aldolase 2 ml Serum R 7 weeks
18 HO-9 Aldosterone 2 ml Serum S 3 Days
19 BC-9 Alkaline Phosphatase 2 ml Serum R Daily
20 IM-7 Allergy Panel 5 ml of Serum R Daily
21 SP-1 Alpha 1 Antitrypsin 2 ml Serum R Sat, Wed
22 BC-10 ALT (SGPT) 2ml of Serum R Daily
23 BC-11 Ammonia 2 ml of EDTA plasma/Heparinised plasma R Daily
24 DA-1 Amphetamine 5 ml of spot urine R Daily
25 BC-12 Amylase 2ml of Serum R Daily
26 IM-1 Anti - CCP 2 ml Serum R Daily
27 SE-5 Anti HBs (Quantitative) 2ml of Serum R Daily
28 IM-2 Anti Nuclear Antibody 2 ml Serum F Daily
29 IM-3 Anti RNP 2ml of Serum A Mon,Thu
30 IM-4 Anti Sperm Antibody 2ml of Serum R Tue, Sat
31 CO-1 Anti Thrombin - III Citrate Plasma R Daily
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