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Roche modular p800 features

Roche/Hitachi Modular Analytics System, clinical chemistry analyzer Modular p800. Is a fully automatic, computerized chemistry analyzer intended for in vitro quantitative and qualitative determinations of a wide range analytes. The instrument is capable of performing potentiometric and photometric assays,

Method : Discrete method of simultaneous analysis for multiple tests according to analyser module combinations
Method of sample loading : Continuous loading of five-position racks
Processing capability :Maximum of 2400 tests/h


Roche Cobas E411 Immunology Analyzer

Fully automated, multi-channel immunoassay analyzer for random access processing of ECL based immuno assays
Manufacturer: Roche Diagnostics
Type: Immunology Analyzer
Throughput: 240 samples/hour
Method: ECLIA
Open system: Closed



The AcT 5 diff AL is a new, fully automated bench-top 5-part differential hematology analyzer with automatic loading and sampling
COULTER AcT 5diff CP (Cap Pierce) hematology analyzer Specifications
Methods and Technologies
Sequential dilution system
Sample Handling
52 uL whole blood, CBC/DIFF mode, 30 uL whole blood, CBC only mode, Universal closed tube sampling system
Up to 60 samples/ hour
Sample Stability
CBC 48 hr room temperature
DIFF 24 hr room temperature
Operating Temperature
16 to 34C (60 to 96F)


TECHNICAL REPORT ANALYZER electrophoretic giant HS

The system runs completely automatically, by deposition to the reporting, the following electrophoretic profiles:
Sample Type: Serum protein, Hemoglobin, Lipoprotein. Any fluids
Operational capacity (serum): 32 samples/hr.
Operational capacity (hemoglobin): 16 samples/hr.
Highlighting the prealbumin band, whether heterozygosity Alpha 1, Alpha 2 distinction, separation zone macroglobulin and haptoglobin Beta Transferrin and C3, sufficient size of the area immunoglobulin (Gamma).

Bac T_Alert 120

SAMPLE REQUIRED: Blood, body fluids
POWER NEEDED: 100/120/220-240
USES (STAINING POSTS): Detection, growth
TESTING CAPACITY: Continuous monitoring, 240- bottle capacity
Reporting tim:

Elecys 9180 – Electrolytes Analyser

Stand-alone electrolyte analyzer
• Measures 5 parameters, i.e., sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and lithium
• Low sample size
• Fast analysis time
• Fully automated callibration

Manufacturer: Roche Diagnostics
Type : Electrolyte Analyzer
Parameters: Na, K, Ca or Cl/Li
Throughput: 50 seconds
Method: Sensor Technology
Open system: Open


BioRad iMark

100/ 240 V, includes 415, 450, 490 and 655 nm filters, plate shaking, onboard software and thermal printer, one roll of printer paper, USB, power cables, and instructions
Instrument Specifications
Filter capacity: 8 filters
Reading speed: Fast Reading 6 sec. with single wavelength reading
10 sec. with dual wavelength reading
Indication range: 0.000 to 3.5 OD
Resolution: 0.001 OD

h2> Micro Genearray 1.Works with whole blood, Plasma or Serum
2.5ul sample volume means invasive sampling
3.64 samples assayed in less than 2 hours
4. Colorimetric assay and economical flat bed scanner
5.High throughput multiplex assay for over 200 food antibodies.

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